domingo, 20 de maio de 2012

Me and You and Facebook: The Love Triangle

One update at a time, Facebook has been changing the way people behave. Once upon a time people called and visited family and friends to see how life was treating them and even though this nice habit has not been totally instinct most people get the job done by sending a post on each other’s   Facebook page and instead of calling close friends to share the latest news they save some time sharing it on the internet.  Many years before internet became part of our lives I caught my mom calling her friends and sharing the latest news of the house; her little daughter [me] was growing up and has just had her first period, and that’s why today I’m so grateful for not having Facebook growing up.

But sharing What’s in your mind on Facebook has its pros; I do not “forget”  my friends’ birthdays or to congratulate them on their marriages and pregnancies. Getting to know firsthand when my friends need help has given me the chance to be useful. Countless times I was able to get last minute babysitters and on a daily basis my friends’ updates give me the giggles and brighten my day.

B.F. (Before Facebook) I used to call my friends saying “You won’t believe what just happened!”. Nowadays I as many others share it.

My friend J’s son “wants to have a sister named Princess Dinosaur”
My friend E joked: “Can you grow please? Hair: NO. Boobs: NO. Stomach: Okay!” 

A while ago my husband and I went to Café Zupas in Provo, Utah for a creamy cauliflower soup and right next to our table was a couple and their phones. During the whole time the couple did not exchange a single word and did not stop typing on their phones.
Taking advantage that my husband and I speak Portuguese my husband asked:

-Do you thinking instead of talking they are texting each other?
-Maybe they are sharing on their Facebook status all the fun they are having dating each other! – I joked.

Can you really been having the time of your life and still think of posting it on internet?

“Bobby Booby says: I’m at the theater watching this amazing movie, can’t even blink it’s so good!”
“Mary Mary says: Right NOW eating dinner made by my love. Most romantic night ever!”

In one side reading posts about happy moments or fun activities gives me certainty that there’s so much to enjoy in this crazy world, in the other side there was a time in the past when we used to forget everything and everyone else once we were living a moment too precious to pause for any reason.

B.F. Privacy meant not telling anyone or sharing information with someone you trust.
A.F. (after Facebook) privacy means that you post information on the web but change the configuration and choose who can access it.

Are people today posting their lives for living to post? I don’t know, but maybe this answer will come on a Facebook update.

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  1. Oi Ju!
    Vou colocar seu novo blog nos meus favoritos!
    Esse eu gostei também, porque posso comentar, rs.


  2. eu tbm , ju gostei . queria comentar o outro tbm .
    bjs , saudades A Yasmim esta muito grande vc tem que ve as
    fotos dela

  3. Adoreiiiii o post. Aliás meu TCC fala sobre como as pessoas se portam no Facebook no quesito Escola e educação.Pq a maioria das pessoas usam o face pra se promover, divulgar, em vez de curtir a vida. E se postam sobre tudo, pq Ñ postam sobre algo tão importante no mundo que é Educação?!?! Enfim, adorei seu post!!!