sexta-feira, 13 de julho de 2012

Moms' War

Almost everything in the world has evolved from time to time. From the way we dress to the Coca-Cola bottle shape, often things seems to crave to be different. It’s intriguing how even the beloved or not so beloved job of being a mother has passed through an evolution process as well. Mothers still receive their tittles [most of the time] the old fashion way, just ask the birds and the bees.
 Somehow the mothers of today are different. To explain this difference I’ll introduce you to my Mother Evolution Theory, which is very similar to a cell multiplication process
From prehistoric times to nowadays we have learned how to use less of our hands and more of our brain, but with a few exceptions most mothers have done the same job for centuries. They all looked like one cell. Things started changing in the 1900’s when some women started working, getting birth control, separating from their husbands, finishing their education and pursuing a career. That mother cell divided in two: the stay-at-home mothers and the working mothers.
Many years later those two mother cells started an out of hand multiplication process, bringing all varieties of mothers. The home-school mom, the vegan mom, the attachment-parenting mom, the pageant mom, the part-time working mom, and the list go on and on. But while the multiplication of cells is fascinating in the scientists’ eyes, the Multiplication of Mom has turned into a war that often makes the news.
Women are naturally insecure, sensitive to critics and seekers for betterness. They have always been this way on some level. Sadly, the Mother Multiplication Phenomenon has brought out the worst in some mothers: the tendency to believe they know it all and to degrade other moms’ activities. They sometimes nominate themselves to the title of Supermom and exclude other, less worthy mothers from this esteemed position.
But what makes a good mother?
Amy is a stay-at-home mother who dreamed her whole life of being a mother; she doesn’t see herself doing anything else. Lauren is a stay-at-home mother that has career dreams. She chose to stay with her kids for now but plans to go back to work. Katie is a mom with a mind that doesn’t stop. She works because it’s her passion and her kids are the loves of her life. Lucy is a single mom that has to provide for her kids. Things are not always easy but she wants to raise strong kids and be an example of a winner. Julie is a Vegan mom that often doesn’t buy those awesome shoes wishes she had it so her kids can have a good organic meal. Alex is a mom that loves to cook and often makes her grandmother’s fried chicken to her kids so they can have a taste of her childhood and carry on a family tradition.
All of these mothers are different, but they all share something in common. They are happy with their decisions and that makes their kids happy too.  They love their kids and try their best to provide them the best.
What makes a mom a Supermom is not how she makes sure others are wrong and how loud she can be in center stage. The supermom receives her title in the backstage when no one sees her, just between her and her kids who are the only ones that can give her the super hero cape.
A supermom loses her super powers spending hours in the internet making sure that anyone that doesn’t agree with her is wrong when instead she could be reading book to her kids, tickling them, teaching them to bake, watching a movie, teaching them a joke or playing catch.
A Mother that judges and humiliates other loving mothers not only loses her cape, but also her character. 

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