domingo, 2 de dezembro de 2012

Week 11

Great Week.

First: My Husband has been converted my health eating habits. He also realized he was eating double the calories he was supposed to. We are doing so well!

Second: We now have started what will probably be our favorite Christmas Tradition. We made a Christmas Video with the kids, and we loved doing it so much we decided to do it every year. Click here to check itout

Third: I cooked MY FIRST LOBSTER!!!

I was about to quite. The cooking part is actually quite easy, but having to cook an animal that still looks like a living animal almost gave me a heart attack. I was seriously having a panic attack the whole time.
I look into those lobsters’ little eyes and my heart started racing, my hands started shaking and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I told my husband: “This is hard, I mean, I’m having an anxiety attack”.
He’s answer was: “That might be a great blog post”.
But in the end it was all worth it. The Lobster was DELICIOUS! My husband even said it was way better than Red Lobster’s Lobster.
I only have 3 more things to cook to finish my goal, but the best part of it is that now I became a real food enthusiast! I just want to learn how to cook everything! And now I’m very confident it will taste good. Before doing this goal I never felt like a bad cook but I had a very limited list of dishes in my personal menu. The goal might be over soon, but I don’t think I can stop getting excited to cook more and more, and better and better.

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