domingo, 21 de outubro de 2012

T30P week 5

T30P week 5
The week started and my mind was completely empty. I had no plans or ideas of things to do this week and that concerned me a little. I’ve been excited and motivated and I’m making an effort to keep up with that feeling.
While my neurons were fighting to find a goal I could accomplish, a hip pain showed up to make my day a little different. “Yes, dear body. I know I’m getting older, you don’t have to remind me every week”.
I gave a little look at my goals and realized I still haven’t read a book this month. As soon as I realized that I saw this book across my room that my dad gave to my husband. It’s written by a Brazilian business man and it’s named “Problemas? Oba!” (the translations is “Problems? Woohoo!”). I read it in a couple of days, even though is a business related book I could totally apply those principles in my life now. It talks about how we shouldn’t run away from problems but get excited to face them and learn from them.
 I also thought I should try a new recipe, but I wasn’t sure what to try. Finally, I came across with a recipe from Portugal called Bacalhau Nunca Chega (translation for “Never Enough Cod”). It was the first time in my life I prepared a dish I had never tasted before and had no idea what it would be like.  The result was glorious! My husband, the kids and I really couldn’t have enough of it; it was delicious in capital letters!
It was also time for a one on one time with my husband. The kids went to bed earlier; we got some Japanese food and locked ourselves in our media room, eating, snuggling and watching Hunger Games. Time with my loves is always the best
This week I was still feeling the excitement of sending that picture to my first photo contest. I also took some time to check out prices of different photography equipment online. A lady on craigslist posted some free photography books for anyone interested. I showed up in her house and she showered me with all her photography equipment. She is moving to Paris and decided to not take it with her. I’m as surprised with her generosity as I’m ecstatic to start practicing my new hobby!
Week 5 conclusions: If hips hurt or if my neurons fight I still have to stay positive. Because my week may just end up being the luckiest I have ever had.

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  2. Eu me delicio a cada semana lendo suas crônicas! O dia poderia ter 36 horas, mas em compensação a gente ia ficar mais cansada do que o normal. Força garota!