terça-feira, 16 de outubro de 2012

T30P week 4

It’s been a month. One down, eleven to go.
Mr. Week 4 started out trying to convince me that this week would be bad, really bad. First I got sick. And then my 10 month old baby-love got sick too. My two year old refused to take her naps and my holy routine (also known as my source of sanity) was a mess.
“Don’t stress Juliana” – I whispered to myself constantly – “Just enjoy the little moments”. And  those days were full of happy little moments, but throughout the week I realized I probably wouldn’t have time to accomplish some goals I had planned and that was a bit frustrating. As the weekend approached I had many ideas bubbling inside my head and the biggest one was to decorate my half bath. On Friday my husband came home from work and watched the kids while I started my half bath makeover.
A couple hours later I looked at the work I was doing and I wanted to cry! It looked awful! My husband seeing how frustrated I was gave a look at my “art” and said: “Well, it could have been worse, right?”
Now I wanted more than anything to fix that mess. My week hadn’t been easy and I didn’t want to finish it off with a horrifying bathroom. It was so ugly I was afraid the kids would see it and have nightmares. The next day I went to home depot to buy some paint. The “paint guy” was flirting with a lady for about 20 minutes and ignoring that I was next in line. I was in a hurry because the kids were napping and I wanted to be home and fix that poopy paint job before they wake up (don’t worry people, my husband was home while they napped).
After the longest trip to Home Depot I was home and very afraid of making things even worse. But the result was great! We loved it! And I got so inspired that I started decorating my laundry room. I had just bought a new organizer because the last should have been called “The Disorganizer”.
I wish I wish I wish I had remembered to take the before-and-after pictures. It looks so much better now. Once I was done I sat down in my living room and saw my husband running toward the bathroom and laundry room to quench his curiosity and then I heard him saying: “Wooooow!”
I still want to put some art in both rooms and I’ll do that once I work on my paintings again. I’m very happy with the results. I feel like every time I put a personal touch in the house, my house thanks me becoming more peaceful, calmer and even giggly.
And as a bonus I also received a few hours of thinking and pondering. This time of reflection helps me to get to know myself in a deeper level and helps me see clearer the changes that need to happen in my heart. There’re a many changes to be made, but I will get there… one day at a time.

BTW our habit jar is still empty, yay!
Week 4 Conclusion
Having an organized and beautified home is amazing, but it would be even more amazing if Dyson created a vacuum cleaner I could ride on.

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  1. Ficou Lindo Juh. Obrigada por compartilhar um pouco de como realizar suas metas esta sendo. Eh tao bom soh sentir que voce nao eh a unica pessoas que sente que nao vai conseguir, nao vai conseguir chegar onde voce quer. Beijos to adorando ler o seu blog