segunda-feira, 26 de novembro de 2012

Week 8, 9 and 10

After 3 weeks of sick babies in the house I’m finally able to seat down and write
I have so much to report so let’s go straight to it.

I’m healthier

When I started my project I wanted to be a healthier person and running a 5K seemed to be the perfect thing for me to get in shape. I have always seen myself as a healthy person. I eat a lot of vegetables, I cook everything from scratch and I rarely eat fried food, but my body feels tired after running upstairs to get my kids from their nap, so I knew something wasn’t right.

I’ve been working out 20 minutes every day and it makes me feel good. Last week I was watching a TV show about how some people that look healthy actually aren’t. One of the things they mentioned was the amount of calories a person should eat daily. I then checked how many calories I should eat every day according to my age and height. I was shocked! The amount suggested was about half of what I consume every day!

It’s no news to anyone that knows me I eat a lot! Portion control is a foreign concept to me, so it’s a real miracle I’m not over weight.

I tried to spend an entire week eating the recommended calorie limit. Calorie counting is the most annoying thing I have ever done, but after 4 days it felt really normal. I didn’t feel hungry and I did have more energy, and 7 days later I’ve lost 5 pounds. My husband noticed and even my scale looked surprised.

I’m more musical

Remember my goal to send some original songs to record labels? I did some intense homework about the subject and this is what a learned.

·         My chances to even get someone to listen to my song are “Zero”, unless I personally know an music artist or producer, but I can have great chances to have someone listen to my songs being part of a songwriters club membership

·         The membership cost $400 annually plus a fee for every song sent, and they let you know they only accept songs professionally recorded in studio

·         The artists and producers know exactly what they want. There’s an Industry Listing where they let you know what kind of song they are looking for, here is an example of one song listing:

“CONTEMPORARY POP R&B SONGS in the style of Beyonce, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Omarion, etc., needed by a very well-established Music Licensing Company with successful placements in both Film and TV. They're looking for songs that have a CONTEMPORARY production aesthetic with MEMORABLE lyric and melodic hooks. SOULFUL and SASSY vocal performances similar to the referenced artists are essential for this listing! MID to UPTEMPO needed for this pitch, NO ballads. UNIVERSAL lyrics are needed - avoid featuring specific names, places or storylines that might conflict with a scene. MALE and FEMALE vocals OK. Vocal and instrumental demo presentation must be top-notch! Broadcast quality is needed (excellent home recordings are fine). Please submit one to three songs online or per CD, include lyrics. All submissions will be screened and critiqued and must be received no later than Friday, November 16, 2012.  “

There was a time when a musician could get a piece a paper and put all their feelings in a song, record it in a cassette tape and send it to a producer. Not anymore, but that doesn’t get me down – it makes things more exciting. I’m not quitting this goal. I don’t want to get old and ask myself “What if?”

The problem is that recording in a studio takes time, money and even more time, unless I have a home studio where I can work for free whenever I have time. So I’ll be building a small recording studio in my house! But not now, I have plenty on my plate right now. I already have the studio planned out and the plans of the work, and I’ve been working on songs since I started the project.

I didn’t make this goal just because it would be fun. I wanted to feel passionate about music again! I wanted it to feel part of me again! I wanted to get excited about it again! And let me tell you, the musical me is back! I can’t wait to have my little studio ready! My brain is thinking in tempos and notes again.

I’m more Hablante
Since I started the project I’ve been speaking Spanish with everyone that has started a conversación.
I definitely feel more comfortable speaking Spanish again

I’m more appreciative
Even my husband noticed.

I’m rocking in the Kitchen
Here is some of the things I learned how to cook in the past 3 weeks

Passion Fruit Ice Cream in a Chocolate Cup (Yes I made the cup too. Tasted like heaven)

"Camarao na mini moranga" - Shrimp and pumpkin cream in the Mini Pumpkin (A very popular dish in Brazil that i always wanted to try. They do it in the Big Pumpkin and i made it with the mini for extra cuteness)

Mussels In Butter and Garlic Sauce - Delicious

Five Cheeses Stuffed Mushroom

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  1. Juhhhh... Stirling tbem eh musico. Voce e ele tem que conversar. Procura ele no youtube e assiste alguns videos que ele fez. Todas as musicas dele foi ele mesmo que escreveu. Entao adorei ver esse projeto que voce tem de mandar uma de suas musicas pra um artista. Acho que pode dar certo sim se voce fazer como esta fazendo, planejar, pesquisar e ter fe que a oportunidade vai aparecer. Mas enquanto isso voce podia ir recording e colocando no youtube. Sendo que voce eh famosa no youtube tenho certeza que muitas pessoas iriam assistir e desse jeito voce tbem pode ficar famosa. Obrigado por ser um exemplo de motivacao. Passa a receita dos aperitivos please. Todos parecerem tao deliciosos que eu fiquei com vontade de provar. Beijao