domingo, 4 de novembro de 2012

T30P week 7

Month 2 is coming to an end and I will only have 10 months to go, and I’m starting to realize that the journey to change myself it’s much more delicate and difficult than I was expecting. I’m realizing that my project has to turn into something more than a “Doing-Something” Project, and it has to be a “Becoming-Something” Project. But guess what? I’m motivated to rock it on!
The ‘doing’ part is an essential, not only because the cooking and painting and sewing are fun but they help my busy-mom-self spend some quality time with me. I believe we are mutant beings; we get older, become wiser, learn new things, develop opinions, meet people, and since we do it so naturally and slowly a moment will come and we may ask ourselves: Who the heck am I now?
The ‘becoming’ part of the project is what frustrates me often and the reason is not lack of motivation or effort, but it’s because changing and becoming takes time and being able to wait is not one of my qualities (not yet, anyway).
One thing I have to say. Since I started the project I feel a change within myself. I feel happier! My eyes are able to see more: more of the happy moments, more of what I did wrong, more of what I can do better, more of when I do something better.
I thought at first that this change was very subtle, but my husband mentioned that he also noticed this change, and that means: SCORE!
I still feel overwhelmed when I think of my to do list, so I often remind myself that perfection is not part of the project – I simply want to start a new decade of my life achieving a better version of myself.
This week I took my kids on dates, twice! Every second of it was deliciousness. I also decided on the colors I’ll use for baby #3’s room (not trying to get pregnant yet, but we’ll get the room ready before I do because I get REALLY SICK during pregnancies)
I’m happy to say my kids are watching little or no TV daily, but I won’t quit watching George Stephanopoulos on my morning news every day.
I’m sad to say I started sleeping with my phone again and as a result I’m not sleeping as well, and I blame Steve Jobs for that.
T30P week 7 Conclusion: Every caterpillar can turn into a butterfly, but it takes work and time.

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