terça-feira, 2 de outubro de 2012

T30P Week 2

No folks, I haven’t quit my project. I wrote an update 2 days ago, but week 2 started rough so I waited a little to have more happy updates.

I was about to start pulling my hair out with frustration. I was having lots of pain in my knee, and I was struggling to hold my kids, organize the house, stand up to cook, and sorry about the detail, but even going to the bathroom felt like my knee was spinning.

On Monday I took the kids to “music maker” (a preschool program created by some of my new friends) and they sang, marched, played, listened to stories, laughed and ran with their little buds. Meanwhile I could almost hear screams coming from my patella.

Tuesday came holding hands with my old lady knee. I had scheduled a play date with a new friend and had to cancel it because I felt like I was losing a leg. She came anyway and offered to stay with my kids so I could rest. A part of me wanted to say “please, take them”, but they were getting sick and I didn’t want her kids to get sick as well. I have to say that her offer was the best medicine for me. She was so nice that it made my day. Too bad this medicine didn’t make my knee feel better, but it made my heart happy (cheesy but true).

Wednesday, oh Wednesday! Why you were so mean to me. Yes, the pain was still present and my kids were running fevers and my husband wasn’t be able to help me after work because Mister-Husband- that-is-also-a- Scout-Master had a troop meeting to attend. Yet I survived.

But then things started to get better. I had such sweet moments with my babies, and my knee miraculously stopped hurting. I was able to put my house back in shape and even changed some things around a little. This nice lady I met gave me 80 interior design magazine issues and I’ve been going through them for some inspiration to accomplish some of the goals. My husband mentioned the other day he felt really peaceful walking around the house and that makes me feel like I’m one step further and making my house to feel like a temple.

Remember my sewing project? Well, when I started I was doing it on my friend’s sewing machine. I got home with excitement coming out of my ears, sat down, and turned the machine one and it starting eating my fabric! I have no idea how to fix it! I’ve been going through every Youtube videos that teach how to set up the machine, nothing has worked yet, but it will.

So to make myself feel better I accomplished one of the goals. I FINISHED MY FIRST PAINTING! (Oh, and I can hear the angels singing Hallelujah). I have to say as soon as I was done I looked at it and thought: “That looks like a piece of poop”. But looking at it from a small distance makes it looks really cool –  even my husband was positively impressed.

That's my painting. The idea was to draw a Phoenix inspired image

This week I started working out again. This morning I woke up at 6 am to run (Woot Woot), I stayed in bed until 6:30 to sleep a little more and then I went out to run. I came back and did some Pilates that I haven’t done in a while. My tooshie hurts, my back muscles hurt, my legs hurt and muscles I didn’t even know I had hurt. My husband says it’s because I did it right. I still think something is wrong, but I’m doing it. I want to be healthier and I want to live longer.

Today I was invited to a play date with some new friends and this week I will be going to a girl’s night out. I OFFICIALLY CAN SAY MY GOAL TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS IS DONE!

I put myself out there, I invited people over and I was lucky that the coolest people I have ever met living so close to me. I won’t ever stop trying to make new friends, who is the idiot that thinks she or he has already enough friends? Not me! Does it mean they are all my super best friends? Well, not yet. We build trust and strengthen friendships with time. But I feel lucky that I’ve met people I can call in times of emergency and I’m sure they can call me too. They are woman I can laugh and have a good time with, and this is all I wanted since I moved here. Moving to a new city where I didn’t know a single person was a terrifying adventure. The beginning was all excitement, but pretty soon it became very lonely. But I don’t feel alone anymore and I’m letting the excitement take over.

Week Two Conclusion: A knee was healed, kids got sick, a painting was finished, friendships are strengthening, muscles are aching, a sewing machine is hungry, angels are singing in my mind, and I’m ready for week three babe!

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