quarta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2012

T30P week 3

Third Week’s a charm! Week three was so great I’m afraid I won’t ever beat its awesomeness.
I started trying to figure out the root of my frustrations. My anxieties are not as big as I make them out to be, but they still annoy me like a mosquito at nighttime.
Feeling tired in the middle of the day, not always being able to keep up with my kids’ energy level, not being the morning person I was able to be for 24 years before I got married, not having enough time to do everything I wanted to do in my house: these were all things written on my frustrations list, and after much consideration I realized there was a possibility that all those thing were happening because I wasn’t sleeping as well as I used to. 

According to Ever Wise Almighty Source for answers, also known as Google,  I’m on the right track and doing everything I should to sleep like a rare baby that actually sleeps, expect for one thing: I Sleep (or used to) with my iPhone!

At first I thought it wouldn’t make a difference at all. I had already deleted all my games (remember my goal to disconnect to connect?) , and since my mind is a non-stop-having-ideas-machine I like having my cell phone close by so before I fall asleep I can record my thoughts or pin it on Pinterest . But surprise surprise, I have been sleeping better than ever since I put my iPhone in timeout on the other side of the room during the night and consequently my energy lasts all day and night. I feel like the days have more hours, I do things faster, I’m happier and I’ve been having the most hilarious dreams and remembering them all.

During this week I also had the chance to have a nice talk to my husband about things the whole family could do to join me. He got excited and we had a funny idea. Every night we will go through our daily goals, and for each thing we forgot to do we put one dollar in a jar. All the money in the jar will go to a cause WE DO NOT SUPPORT, like a political party we don’t support. The motivation to remind ourselves of our goals and to NOT put money in the jar is working wonders and making us giggle through out the day. You should try it.

As I mentioned in the previous post I decorated my master bathroom. It took me a can of black paint, a few hours and a good husband willing to distract the kids until I was finished. We are in love with our very dramatic bathroom and I’m happy that the closet beautifying process is only 90% done

 ( I wish I had a before picture of this one, it didn't matter how much I tried to organized it just didn't look organized). 

In addition to my awesome week I learned two recipes, Shrimp jambalaya and 4 layer dip shells.
I have never had a Jambalaya before and this week after watching “Princess and the Frog” with my kids I really wanted to try and the family loved it.

The 4 layer dip shell was my own creation. I wanted to make a bean dip for a girls night out with my new friends and thought it would look really cute in little shells I could make out of egg roll dough. Shabang! It was delish! I made it for the first time and  did it all from scratch, and I will definitely do it again soon, but next time I’ll buy refried beans because making it from scratch was a pain in the neck.

With all my extra energy after the kids went to bed I still wanted to things and this week I started 3 new paintings.  One is looking really just like I envisioned but the other two need some serious practice.

I’ve been working out every day this week and my knee is finally acting my age again.
And to end my week I had a mommy & daughter date with my little girl. She wanted to go somewhere to eat cookies and drink juice. We stopped by a Starbucks and then headed to some stores. I bought a hat for me and she bought nail polish for her. We chatted about things a 2 year old likes to talk about, like Mickey Mouse, stars and nail polish. Today she put on a hat and asked to go again. It might be the beginning of a new tradition.

Week Three Conclusions: I feel very philosophical today, so here is my Dalai Lama wannabe moment: “Accomplishing goals is like a rollercoaster. In the beginning it feels like it takes some time and extra effort to get to the height you wish for, but once you get there it’s all fun. I still have a ton of other goals to accomplish, but now that I have been on the ride once, it will be a little easier to go again.”

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  1. Como voce sabe, eu amo ler o seu blog Juh. Its like I have someone to look up to. Voce eh um grande exemplo. Obrigada por ser esse exemplo pra mim. Espero um dia tbem conseguir accomplish my goals just as you did. Parabens e continue porque estou torcendo pra voce conseguir alcancar todos os seus goal. Beijocas!